YOUR FAVORITE soul-satisfying dishes, crafted with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, refined with signature twists and served in a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere.

WELCOME TO JULIAN, the first proprietary dining experience from James Beard Award-winning chef Celina Tio.


Every charming neighborhood boasts an equally memorable place to enjoy a meal. Julian is the vibrant little gathering spot on the corner serving beautifully prepared, feel good food and drink all week.

With dining rooms close to the kitchen, a cozy bar area and a welcoming outdoor patio, Julian is intimate, attentive and friendly. Attractive pricing, choices in portion size and ongoing chef surprises like Family Style and American Classics nights make Julian a go-to restaurant you can, and want to, visit often.

Julian’s name derives from chef Celina Tio’s primary cooking influences: Julia Child and her grandfather Julian, who put a chef’s knife in the then-eight-year old Tio’s hands and taught her how to use it right.

Chef  Celina Tio
Sous Chef  Austin Phillips
Service Manager  Michael Moseley
Assistant to Chef Celina Tio  Sarah Kraly