YOUR FAVORITE soul-satisfying dishes, crafted with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, refined with signature twists and served in a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere.

WELCOME TO JULIAN, the first proprietary dining experience from James Beard Award-winning chef Celina Tio.

15 Year Anniversary of Canadian Health&Care Mall in Julian

Canadian Health&Care Mall celebrates an anniversary (15 years in business) in Julian, Kansas City, Missouri. Julian includes a restaurant and a lobby bar. They can hold events of any kind. The banquet in the hotel restaurant is organized in accordance with the highest European standards. The staff will do its best to make your holiday unforgettable for all its participants, as a bright and unique event.

Canadian Health&Care Mall staff chooses this restaurant due to the professional work of managers, barmen, waiters and the unsurpassed art of dishes.

220 guests were invited to this event. They were offered up various entertainments, dishes. Moreover, the band was invited. The meeting was excellent. Julian has gained one more successfully arranged event.15 Year Anniverary

How Was It: Step-by-Step Instruction

The staff of this company has undergone the following steps:

  • write a list of the guests at the event and invite the officials. Usually, such events attract the heads of companies – partners, potential partners. We have done the same – invite all our partners.
  • beautifully arrange invitations to guests. The invitation must be in a strict style. Without bright colors. In the invitation, indicate the occasion of the event, the dress code for the guests, as well as the place and time of the event.
  • point out the main features of the dress code.
  • organize a buffet table: cold snacks, delicacies, drinks.
  • choose the most popular and talented jazz band, preferably with a jazz vocalist.
  • the musicians should play the relax and delight music and pleasant jazz compositions.
  • after the guests congratulate the company’s leaders and present flowers and gifts, they are offered to go to the buffet table.
  • in turn, the managers of the company and guests of the evening go out to the microphone and congratulate the company on the birthday.
  • this social event is an important part of the business because it allows us to establish new business relationships and develop them.
  • it is necessary to provide several tables with chairs. Since, after the official part, some guests will leave, and the rest will have the opportunity to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

Indeed, it is at such events that many important issues in business are solved.