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Happy BirthDay on A Loan in US Restaurants, Cafes, Fast Foods

Happy BirthDay in US Restaurants, Cafes, Fast FoodsFor many, birthday is an ordinary day, which, at best, will end with an evening dinner with friends, a couple of cup cakes, greeting cards from grandmothers and reminders from the insurance company that the person is one more year older.

Let’s start with the fact that for a whole month you can be congratulated on your birthday in all sorts of places: gas stations, checkouts in a supermarket, banks, beauty salons, cinema houses, and so on. When you provide your ID, you give information about the month in which you were born, people are very happy to give you their verbal congratulations. And it doesn’t matter if the holiday has already passed or it is only two weeks later.

Secondly, even with a minimal amount of dollars in your pocket, you can absolutely safely celebrate your birthday.

In 75% of American cafes, you will be offered a festive piece of cake for free, they will provide you with a discount (quite a big one, by the way) in a network of famous restaurants. The bars have special offers for birthday: for example, “Is it your birthday? Take a shot from the bar-keeper, a dessert from the chef, they will also sing Happy Birthday to you with pleasure.

If you decide to reserve a table in a restaurant for 2 or more people on the occasion of your birthday, then, in addition to the discount that many restaurants are obliged to give you, be prepared for the fact that a crowd of all the waiters will come to your table and start singing.

But if you have no funds at all at the moment but still have a desire to celebrate your birthday?

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BirthDay on Loan: Yes ot Not?

Are there Americans that celebrate their birthday on a loan? Yes, there are especially among young people. But some of them cannot count on a tranditional bank loan as it takes too much efforts and requires to collect many certificates and papers to be approved. As a result, they prefer issuing payday loans St Paul. Why they do it? There are several reasons to issue such loans. They are:

  • online application (no need to visit any department);
  • fast approval;
  • no certificates;
  • loan amounts – $100-$1,000;
  • imperfect credit score approved.

A birthday on a loan means you will get a short-term loan up to your next paycheck. With the help of this money, you will cover your birthday expenses. If you invite many guests, you will pay more for a party in restaurants, cafes, fast foods.

This option won’t affect your financial state very much if you pay a loan back on time or earlier. Earlier payment reduces overpayment rate. Think about it twice.

Sometimes, a loan is a way to make your dreams true, for example: dream birthday party. Let’s consider how much you will spend on your party in a restaurant if you invite 3 friends:

  • Meals for 4 people, mid-range restaurant with 3 courses: $120.00
  • Coca-Cola (4 bottles, 0.33): $7.20
  • Local beer (4 bottles, 0,5): $14,00 (won’t you drink one bottle of beer per night, a long party night);
  • Coctails: $100.00 per four;
  • Snacks: $50;
  • Tickets and table reservation: $100
    Total: $341.20

But if you have a greater number of friends and restless desires, what to do in this case? Only a loan may solve your financial issues and make your dreams come true.

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