YOUR FAVORITE soul-satisfying dishes, crafted with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, refined with signature twists and served in a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere.

WELCOME TO JULIAN, the first proprietary dining experience from James Beard Award-winning chef Celina Tio.

Julian Restaurant – Your Trusted Partner for Medical Conferences and Healthcare Events

Julian Restaurant - Your Trusted Partner for Medical Conferences and Healthcare Events

Choosing our hotel to organize your healthcare conference or event, you can be sure that you are working with a partner who has extensive experience in organizing events of all types and sizes for the largest international healthcare companies. We know that organizing conferences and events of this nature is challenging due to the ethical and regulatory requirements that govern the healthcare industry. Our staff with a comprehensive understanding of regulatory codes will ensure that your event is in safe hands. Our healthcare solutions are designed to help you save time, adapt to your risk management strategies, and ensure your event is organized flawlessly. When you choose Julian Restaurant, you can rest assured that your conference or event will be professional and responsive.

Any internal and external activities in the field of health

We understand the specifics of this industry and offer solutions to help you achieve your specific goals. Our hotels have everything you need to host any healthcare event, including research meetings, advisory board meetings, conventions, product launches, incentive programs, marketing conferences and meetings, training courses and more. Our brand hotel offers guests a combination of great accommodations and the Yes I Can! Service philosophy.

Participants’ reviews on Julian Restaurant’s restaurant in Kansas are mostly positive and ranked as “Excellent!”. One of our Pharma Forum’s participants Trusted Tablets Online said they “loved everything about it.” They admired “super service” and added “the food was one of the best” they had. They found this place “AMAZING”. Hundreds of similar reviews from happy visitors testify to Julian’s tasty food and top-quality service.

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AbbVie Inc., a Pharma R&D’s participant, also rated our restaurant as “Excellent!” According to them, “the food is fresh, very well prepared. Drinks are good, prices are very fair. The interior looked beautiful!”

Why choose Julian Restaurant for a healthcare conference?

Count on us to integrate your company’s internal policies and procedures into every step of our business, from receiving a request to fulfilling it. At our hotels, everything will be tailored to meet the requirements of a specific event, whether it be a 10-person meeting or a multi-room launch meeting.

  • One point of contact for all questions. We will provide you with a coordinator who understands the specifics of modern events in the healthcare sector and will professionally manage the execution of your order, informing all hotel staff about your requirements;
  • Trained staff in the hotel. You do not need to waste time training our employees: key hotels have trained personnel who will ensure that risks are minimized and that the event is carried out flawlessly;
  • We always respect regulatory codes. All of our service packages are designed to comply with regulatory codes. We ensure that our proposed meeting rooms, as well as food and beverages, comply with these codes;
  • Compliance assistance. Our premier healthcare venues are subject to rigorous inspection procedures, tailored to specific requirements, and the use of tools to make the approval process as efficient as possible, saving you time on site inspections;
  • Excellent conditions. From free Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to stationery, the right number of outlets, charging stations and adapters: we offer convenient solutions that really work;
  • Costing under the Transfer of Value Disclosure Initiative. Our offerings and payment options allow for a variety of ways to disclose the transfer of value that companies need;
  • Confidentiality. We guarantee that your event will be conducted in a confidential and professional manner. We understand the importance of security measures and protect our clients from any conflicts of interest.
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